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MYOB Web Link is a desktop application

It is specifically designed for companies that wish to run MYOB Account Right 19.x (MYOB on local premises, not in cloud) and wish have MYOB installed on a server. Users can access MYOB in terminal environment or from local computers.

It allows:

  • Central management point for website users and MYOB cards; add user into website, add card into MYOB, associate / dissociate a website customer to / from a MYOB card
  • Import orders from website into MYOB


Windows Server 2008 or SBS Server essentials 2011

MYOB AccountRight Premier v19.x

Disk space 290Mb

Installation and upgrade


  • Call MYOB support and ask to enable ODBC access on MYOB datafile(s).
  • Unzip your files (zip package) and run setup
  • All dependencies are automatically downloaded and installed and a shortcut will be created in "Program files" - "Start menu"

We will assist you to have ODBC access enabled. You will need to provide to MYOB our details - Developer ID
If you cannot manage we will do it for you at no extra charge. All we need is your MYOB Serial number and your accept to act in your behalf.

- Upgrade is a simple procedure of uninstall current version and install the new one. You can anytime install a previous version or reinstall the current one.

How to buy

There are two scenarios

  • You have an website that is powered by OLALA Shopping Cart:
    In this case the application is preconfigured out of box to talk with the website
    We will assist you to make the application to talk with your MYOB datafile
  • Your website is not powered by OLALA Shopping Cart:
    We have to have a meeting and get from all details about your website. Your developer availability will help or we will need access to your hosting environment.

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