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MYOB Customers

Customers list

In this listing, MYOB customers cards, there are basic details that will help you to easy identify a customer such as: First & Last name, company and Card ID
The Card ID in this area is an identifier assigned by the MYOB operator to a customer in MYOB.
Here there is as well a field named CardRecodID. This ie an unique number that MYOB assign to any customer. It is not visible or identifier in MYOB application.

You may remember that in Web customer area there is a MYOBCardId, this is the CardRecodID from this area.


  • You can search in MYOB customers in the same wat you search them in MYOB application. Write in search box "first name", "last name" or "company name", one of them in full or partial and click on "Search" button. To clear search box use "Clear" button.

Anything you do in MYOB area, please be patient. All seems to be very slow and we canot do anything about. It is because MYOB ODBC driver that allow any application to talk with MYOB datafile.

Edit customer

To edit a MYOB customer (card) please double click on the blue arrow (the first column)
A window with two tabs will open. Please be patient until customer details are shown.
There are 5 tabs, the first 4 are very like what it is shown in MYOB when you edit a customer card.
The 5th one allows you to update website customer with details from MYOB. This is extremely unlikely to happen but it is here just in case you need.

Top line contains customer name or company. Please remember that in MYOB you can identify a customer card by person name (individual) or company name (company).
Going to the right you will notice what you already know: Website customer ID (the unique identifier of website customer) and CardRecordID (the unique MYOB customer /card record).
- The CardRecordID will always be an integer because data is coming from MYOB.
- The Website customer ID can be a number or "none", If it is "none" then this MYOB customer never bought from website, he has NOT an account created into website.
Next are windows tabs as following:

  • MYOB like tabs: Profile, Card details, Selling details and Payment details
    All into these tabs is coming from MYOB datafile.

    Most fields values can be changed and all is changes done here applies immediately into MYOB datafile
    All fields marked with * and with red label cannot be changed. For vary reasons MYOB does not allow changing them via ODBC connection.
    To change them you must login into MYOB application. Anyway they are totally not relevant for website.

  • Website. It allows to create an website customer using currently edited MYOB customer card:

    Because MYOB has not the concept of user, you must provide relevant details.
    Fields are already pre-filled be but you must check and adjust if applicable.

To create an website customer click on [Create Website customer button].

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