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Start session

MYOB Web Link will not start if connection with the website or connection with the MYOB database is not successfully initialized.

The application can be setup to start in three modes:

  • Bypass authentication.
    Used when there is only a few users / family business and they choose this way of working.
    The login screen is shown but user just press [Escape key]
  • Local authentication.
    Users details (username and password) are stored locally.
  • Website authentication.
    Application authenticate users against website.
    It means all user that can access admin area of the website can login into MYOB Web Link using the same details like on the we

The application always connect on the website (production) but can be setup to connect to MYOB in two ways.
Just write "live" in bottom right corner boxes.
If you have a test website system can be configured to connect to it in the same way.

  • A test company file (MYOB datafile / database).
    Used if you wish to experiment or test
  • The production MYOB company file.

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