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Website Customers

Customers list

In the web customers listing there are basic details that will help you to easy identify a customer such as: First & Last name, email address and Customer ID (the unique identifier of the customer - it is attached he register to the website)
Customers can be sorted ascending or descending based on any field name. Click on the field header. See image on right - "On this page section"

- The first column is the "selector", a blue arrow icon.
Double click on it to edit the customer. Please be patient because the application request data from the website over the internet. Can take a while until you get results. A "wait" message is shown during this operation.

- The last column is MYOB the card number (MyobCard#).
This is unique identifier of a card into MYOB and it is a hidden value for MYOB users (you will not see it if you login into MYOB)
This is the single number really unique to any MYOB card
It is used by this application to match customers into website with MYOB cards. Anytime you will match a MYOB card with a website customer, the website customer record will have attached the MYOB Card Number. You will notice that there are customers that has 0 (ZERO) in this column.
These customers from website has not yet a corresponding MYOB card number attached.
This is not good but it is acceptable as long as you will NOT import any of their orders into MYOB.

It is possible to assign multiple website customers to the same MYOB card if you wish to track sales only for specific MYOB cards/customers
It is very important for importing orders because to import an order into MYOB from website, system must know exactly to which customer into MYOB has to be assigned that order and what address has to assigned to that order as well.

Apply filters:

  • To filter customers use top checkboxes.
    If you have setup into website access levels then you will be able to filter website customers based on access level, for example: check the check box "Dealers" and you will be get in list only "dealers".
  • You can filter and get a list with all website customers that have NOT a MYOB card assigned to them. In a perfect world you should none but, again this is not critical, see above


  • By name and email. Write in search box "first name", "last name" or "email address", one of them, all or partial and click on "Search" button. To clear search box use "Clear button"
  • By customer ID. For OLALA Shopping Cart you will find it in customers list, for other websites, you will know when will implement your application.

If you apply a filter or search by name/email your "search by ID" will be ignored. In other words you can search by customer ID or search by name/email & apply filters.
To search y Customer IT please uncheck all top checkboxes and clear search box.

Edit customer

A window with two tabs will open. Very important : the top line contains both IDs from MYOB and website. Please remember that 0 (ZERO) in MYOB CardRecordID means website customer has not a MYOB card attached

Most common, the customers details into website are not exactly the same like in MYOB but this application makes possible to sync all details that are common to both systems.
Biggest differences: MYOB has not an email address, username and password for every customer. These details are crucial for website and totally not relevant for a MYOB card.
On the other hand MYOB card has many (more than 50 fields) details assigned to a card that you will never find in a website (customer website)

In this version "Edit website customer" section is quite light and does not includes all details for website. It has two areas (tabs):
See snapshots in "On this page" (right)

  • Website - general
    It allows to unique identify the web customer.
  • MYOB. It allows to:
    - Attach/detach the website customer to/from a MYOB card
    - Update MYOB card with details from website
    More details see below: "Update MYOB card".

You can anytime edit MYOB card for this web customer. If this customer has attached a MYOB card then a button [Edit MYOB Customer Card] is available - top section
It allows you to jump from Website and MYOB details of current customer with a click of mouse.

When you update MYOB card from website you will update all customers addresses. OLALA Shopping has an exact match between fields (5 addresses). On other websites we may do the same or not, it depends of level of customisation we are allowed / paid to do.

Update MYOB card

Even this are belongs to "Edit customer", for your convenience the "Update MYOB card from website" is presented here as separate page section.

- To update MYOB card details from website please click on [Update MYOB customer] button
There will be overwrite ONLY common details, will be NOT changed any data that is specific only to MYOB card

- To change MYOB record click on [Change MYOB CardRecordID] button and a small window wil open. Input the new MYOB card number and click [Update] button.

This is the single place where you can fix manually a wrong attachment: MYOB card - Website customer.

On this page

Snapshots / images

Customer list (sort, filter, search)

Customer list (sort, filter, search)

Edit customer - Website general

Edit customer - Website general tab

Edit customer - MYOB tab

Edit customer - MYOB tab

Edit customer - edit MYOB card

Edit customer - MYOB tab - Switch to edit MYOB card for current edited website customer