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Website Orders

Website orders list

It is an extremely simple and easy to use area.
In the orders listing there all details you may need you to easy identify a specific order placed on the website such as: Date, First & Last name, company and the most important MYOB CardID -

The MYOB CardID is on the very right column. If it is 0 (ZERO) the you will not be able to import into MYOB that specific order.
To fix this problem please click here, you will be taken to Website customers and attach to that customer a MYOB Card ID.
See image on right - "On this page section"

There is another relevant filed: MYOB Inv#. Anytime an order is imported into MYOB (or created in MYOB interface) its record receive an identifier named "Invoice number
In this particular case this field is automatically filled in with "Website order#CURRENT_ORDER_NO".
You will always know what orders are already imported and if you work in MYOB interface you will know what orders were imported from website and what is the Website Order No for every single of them.

It is not possible to have multiple fields with the same Inv.No. because Website order number is an unique identifier.

Apply filters:

  • To filter to order list select start & end date and click on [Filter] button.
    By default will be shown orders from current date.


  • You can search a specific order number, see right top.

Into orders list are shown all orders imported or not imported into MYOB
Any already imported order has the MYOB Inv# filed filled in. It cannot be imported again. It stops you to have an website order imported multiple times.

Import an order

It is possible to import only one order at a time. We choose to do in this way based on the fact that access to MYOB datafile is extremely slow - connection via MYOB ODBC

To import an order:

  • Select the order record by clicking on the very first column (grey one)
  • Click on [Import selected order into MYOB] button (bottom right), see image in "On this page" section. what happen next:
    "Please wait" message is shown. Please be extremely patient, MYOB ODBC is one of the slowest driver ever done (maybe too much restrictions and authentications rules).
    When process is completed you can get three kind of messages:
    1. Order was imported - the best one
    2. Order was imported and a technical error coming from MYOB - the worst case. If you get this please report to us. We will investigate and fix the problem in a way or other as soon as possible.
    3. Website order was imported but there are items not imported - You are asked to check a file on your local computer where import log was created for that order. This is the most common error and it is generated by the fact that items code from website does not exist in MYOB. You must input missing items using MYOB interface
      Please fix missing code in the same interface to avoid this error in future when you will import other products.

We automatically catch all errors that may appear and we could not predict and store them in a file on your computer (error log).
When you will have the application installed you will know its location.
We do not create any kind of "silent" connection/activity between your computer/network and our system via internet and to be able to improve this application please sent us that file when you consider necessary for example when you get "uncaught errors" while running this application.

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