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Account type, Access & Price level

Understanding these terms will make your live far more easy when you wil use this system

Account types

There are three type of users:

  • Customer or (ordinary) consumer
    Any user who use your website and to whom you did not assign a special type fall in this category
    If you wish so you can assign a special level of price of special access but this is NOT recommended.

    The main point is that when you think about ordinary consumers to think about users who buy at retail price, has not a special access level and are not shown on reseller page, just ordinary users.

  • Reseller
    Set a user as reseller if he commits to buy from you on regular basis (relevant quantities)
    Most common you:
    - give him a good buy price (assign a special level of price)
    - show his reseller details in front end on resellers page and on google map on that page (if enabled and applicable)

    You may assign to him a special access level.
    For example you can create an access level with the same name "Resellers", attach to products pdf file with specifications or advertising materials and make these resources available only to those who have "reseller" access level.
    You can easy target only resellers via system newsletter.

  • Military
    Set a user as military if he belongs to a military organization (has a rank)
    Most common you assign him a special access level so he will be able to see (and download) data not available to any other users category

    You may assign to him a special price level.
    You can easy target only military via system newsletter.

To learn how to set account type to a user, click here.

Access levels

  • Any user who use your website as a guest (not logged in) or any user who have not assigned a special access level will have assigned Consumer access level. This is the default access level.
  • All products you input into website are available by default to default access level, i.e. to Consumer access level

It means that if your are not using access levels then you will have all products visible to all users; guests and authenticated.

If you have for example military, resellers or you just wish that specific products or resources to be available only to specific users then you must create access levels

You can create virtually unlimited number of level of prices but we recommend to keep as less as possible except you have a good reason do not do so. Too many access levels - messy customer edit area and all filters by access level.

How to use access level? -Assign an access level to a user
-Make a product or resource available (only) to that access level
Only that user will be able to see that product or resource
Apply this to multiple users and products and that's all

To make a product visible to all users you must make it available to ALL access level you have created. Be careful when you create new products.

To learn about access levels, click here.

Prices levels

Any user who use your website as a guest (not logged in) or any user who have not assigned a special price level will be able to buy products at Retail price. This is the default price level.

You can have setup 5 (five) more prices levels, system match perfect with MYOB and you can update prices from MYOB to website with a few clicks of mouse

How to use prices level?
- Create price level for example Whole Sale
-Assign a price level to a user, for example assign to him the Whole Sale price level
-Set all prices to all products, for example all your products have to have both prices: Retail and Whole sale.
Now, when this user will login into the website he will be able at Whole sale price while other users wil be able to buy at Retail price.
Apply this to multiple users and products and that's all.

To learn about price levels, click here.

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