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OLALA Shopping Cart is an web application. It is in between a shopping cart CMS and a framework

Its main purpose is to allow selling products online in a secure and reliable way.

Out of box it can be configured in hours or less to be used by:

  • Shop owner who is not tax payer, does not use brands a small, etc. He wants just to sell products online in the simplest and easy possible way.
  • Multinational corporate or factory that has multiple warehouses, multiple based currencies, resellers, distributors & military (special access level) and more

Current version is an add-on to WordPress CMS. It is NOT a Wordpress plugin. It has it own database structure and filesystem. All files (coding) is stored in encrypted format.
It means it is impossible someone to change even by mistake any file and hack into code (change system behaviour)

Why should I read so much documentation?

Actually you may not need to read at all. When do you really need to do it:

  • If you never have an online shop or you have not any idea what exactly means to create products, categories brands etc.
  • If you use level of prices, access levels or any other feature of this system that was not implemented in other system you used in the past
  • If you want to use anything in "Shop configuration area"
  • If you want to do things properly

When you will get access to your admin area all will be configured for you - custom layout and functionality exactly as you requested.
You can change all anytime.


Linux server (any flavour) with Apache web server

AuroraDB or MySQL - last stable version

PHP from version 5.6 - Version 7.x highly recommended)

Disk space: from 250MB - recommended to start with 500MB

Installation and upgrade

There are two way of having it running:

  • Install on your server
    Unzip files on server and unpack them from a package (tar.gz format)
    Login in admin and do your fine tuning.

    - We configure your system and load with 5 products - it is part of one-time fee
    - We DO NOT guaranty any functionality on any server that is not on our infrastructure. It does not mean your system will not work but it means that any issue you may have is out of our control

  • Your system is running on our infrastructure in Amazon AWS cloud. You will choose Sydney or Virginia datacentre

    - We configure your system and load with 5 products - it is part of one-time fee
    - We guaranty maximum availability and scalability. Initially your subscription includes 500MB space (high speed SSD) and unlimited traffic
    - This is the option we highly recommend

All upgrades are applied automatically and you will be notified by email: what was fix (bugs), what was improved / changed
Documentation will be updated as soon as possible to include any changes / goodies added

Upgrades will NOT create disruptions
We are happy to implement into system any request you may have. Please let us know about.

How to buy

Contact us by email, phone or via Contact page

  • We will send an invoice (one-time fee). You pay it in full or an advance and we schedule rest of payments
  • Two of our staff members will have a chat with you by phone, Skype or Facetime. Discussion will be recorded and a document will be produced. You will have it sent by email. Based on this discussion we will find all details about how your system will look like and how to setup your system. You can change later all from "Settings area"
    You will provide us as much details (docs sent by email, links to similar products) about 5 products you wish to have input by us into your system.
  • We set your system : layout, specific settings, 5 products, SEO stuff and when all done we send you access details and you can start using it.
    Usually all above take 3 to 5 days.

Layout, functionality and all content is under your control. Need more? Let us know and we will be happy to implement it.
Basically, you can have your system running in less than 5 days and you need to talk with us 60 minutes or less.

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Snapshots / images

Login snapshoot 1

Login snapshoot 1

1. Click on My Account

Login snapshoot 2

Login snapshoot 2

2. Input your email address, password and click Sign In buton

Login snapshoot 3

Login snapshoot 3

3. If all good then you should see that "Shop Admin" replaced "My account". Click on it.