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Access levels

Access level allows specific products to be visible to specific websites users only.
You can apply access levels to documents or images as well. For example a product is available to all who browse the website, does not matter if they are logged in or not but specific files attached to that product will be visible only to users that has assigned a specific access level.

To setup access level into your website you have to:

  • Go to Shop configuration -> Settings & layout -> Global (system wide) and set "Use access levels" to "Yes".
  • Create one or more access levels, for example: Military, Reseller and Distributor
  • Find and edit a specific customer and attach/assign him the access level you consider.
    Let's consider his name is "John Smith" and you wish to set him as "military account". You will assign to him "Military access level".
  • Find and edit a product that you wish to be shown only to "military accounts".
    Let's suppose you edit "Product 1" and you wish this product to be seen only by "military accounts". Set it "Available to Military" (check the corresponding checkbox)
  • - When your website is browsed by people that are not logged in or by people logged but not assigned to "military access level" they will NOT see "Product 1".
    - When Jon Smith or anyone else that has assigned "military access level" will log in then they will see "Product 1"

The access level is a property attached to:
- a website user
- a product or a file / image of a product

For example you wish that a product to be seen by anybody but you wish that a pdf that contain technical specifications to be seen only by military accounts. In this case:
- make sure the product is visible to "Consumers", "Military" and all other access levels you have crated. - Attach to that product technical specifications and make sure this file is available only to "military".

- Any user can have ONE ONLY access level. For example an user can be: Consumer, Military or Reseller.
- Any product can be available to / can be seen and bought by ONE or MORE access levels.
- If a product is not available to any access level group then it will not be seen at all into website. It is like being disabled.

How to name access levels

  • You may use price levels as well, this is the point when you may be extremely confused.
    - For example you have: an access level named "Resellers" and a price level named the same "Resellers". From business logic perspective it makes much sense but it is NOT recommended.
  • Good practice
    Always give different name. If you cannot / do not want to do it, then add "price level" after the price level name for example:
    - you have "Resellers" access level
    - you should have "Reseller price level" as price level

Access level has no relation with price level.
- Price level is about how much someone will pay for a product
- Access level is about who is able to see a product

Consumer access level

There is default access level named "Consumer".
Anyone who register to the website get assigned automatically this access level

All not logged in users has "Consumer" access level.

Any product you will create will be available by default to "Consumer" access level.
It means all who have access level not changed/altered, and all not logged in users will be able to see and buy it.

If you do not create special access levels then you will never know that they may exist. Everybody (logged in or not) will see all products and files attached to products.

When do you need access level?

  • You provide services or sell products that must not be available to everyone, for example if some of your clients are military, government departments
  • You sell products online but you have your resellers who have online shops as well. You wish to do not compete your own resellers:
    You make specific products visible only to your resellers so only they can buy from you.
    It means you have your online shop and sell products to all internet users and specific products only to your resellers. Everybody is happy and make money.
  • In the same geographical area (a country for example) you sell specific products to "Distributor A" other products to "Distributor B" and so on. All buy from you but they do not know each other even they all buy from you.

Add, delete and change an access level

- To add a new access level click on [Add new access level] button. You will be asked to enter its name.
You cannot add an access level with no name.

- To delete an access level click on corresponding [Delete] button
If [Delete] button is not shown it means that the access level is in use. It is assigned to one or more products and / or users
You cannot delete an access level that it is in use.

- To change name of an access level just change it. You can change any name, anytime (except consumer access level - system default).
Any change you do will propagates globally immediately you will leave the name field.

- You cannot delete or alter in any way the Consumer access level.
- Do not add access levels if you are not going to use them because will be confusing when you edit your customers and products.

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Snapshots / images

Enable access level

Enable access level - Global settings

Go to Shop configuration -> Settings & layout -> Global (system wide) and set "Use access levels" to "Yes"

Add access level

Add access level

Delete access level

Delete access level

Note that [Delete] button is not available for "Military" access level. It means it is in use and cannot be deleted.

Access level to user

Access level to user

Note that Access level is a radio button. It means a user can have at a moment of time only one access level.

Access level to product

Access level to product

Note that Acces levels are checkboxes. It menas a product can be available to multiple access levels.

Access level to a file

Access level to a file

This is a file that was atached to a product (technical specifications for example)
Note that Acces levels are checkboxes. It menas a file can be available to multiple access levels.