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Brands list

Use this area to manage your brands: alter existing brands, create new brands or delete brands.

For online shops which sell products of established brands, the Brands feature is coming to help labeling the products.
You may replace the brand with manufacturer if needed.
The brands may appear in frontend under the categories as secondary way of browsing the products.
If no brands, the system can be configured to hide the brands from frontend.

Under Products -> choose Brands from left side menu to get to the Brands list. Here you will find all your created brands.
The Brands will always open with Brands list.

Page areas

  • Top line includes:
    - Name of this area: Brands
    - Add new brand button
  • The second line contains the search box at the right. You can search a brand by name.
  • Under the searching line is the place where you see listed your brands (main page content).

Search data

Enter into the search box what you are looking for and press Enter key or click on green magnifier icon.
The system will look to match your search string in name of the brands. It is an autocomplete search box, it means:
- once you start typing will be automatically shown in a drop down all available options
- you can select one of available options and click green button or press Enter key; The selected brand alone will be shown in listing as search result.
- or you can anytime press Enter key or click on green button and you will get in search results all brands that match your search string.

To clear the search, click on white cross in red box (next to search box).

Brands listing area (main content)

In this area you will find listed all brands or results based your search. If the search is cleared, the first 50 brands will be listed here. Under the Brands listing you have two buttons Show more and Show all to assist you to navigate between your brands.

The details displayed on brands listing are as following:

  • The thumbnail image of the brand to help you quickly identify visual the brand.
    By clicking on the thumbnail, you will edit that brand.

  • Brand name. By clicking on the Name of the brand, you will open the View / edit brand window.

  • Order, it is about what brand will be shown first, smallest number means that the brand will be shown on top of the listing (FRONTEND & BACKEND).
    This field is editable from listing, for your convenience.

  • Enabled field refers at brand status. If a brand is marked as enabled (Enable - Yes), that brand will be displayed in front end. If a brand is marked as disabled (Enable - No), that brand will not be displayed in frontend.
    You may disable a brand in case you what to hide that brand for the moment.
    The Enabled field is editable directly from brands list for your convenience. If you click on Yes (Enabled) will became No (Disabled) and if you click on No (Disabled) will be changed in Yes (Enabled).

  • ID#. The ID# is brand unique identifier (mainly for debug purposes).

  • Edit icon button, is the area where you can choose to edit a certain brand. (See Edit brand)

Show more & Show all buttons

Because by default the brands listing is filled with first 50 brands, you have two buttons at the bottom of the page to help you finding the brand you are looking for: the Show more & Show all buttons.

If you click on Show more button, another 50 brands are showing. Click this button again for another 50. Repeat as you need.

If you click on Show all button, all brands will be shown.

These buttons are not shown if there are less than 50 brands to be displayed.

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Brands list

Brands list

You will find all your brands created under Brands list.
To get to Brands list, choose Brands under Products in left side menu.

Brands menu

Brands menu (FRONTEND)

The brands list appear displayed under the categories in frontend. It appear on sidebar.

Products by brand

Products by brand (FRONTEND)

User can shop by brand by simple clicking the name of the brand in sidebar. All products labeled with that brand will be displayed.