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Products options list

Use this area to manage your options: alter existing option name or value, create new options and add new option values, delete options values or the option with all its associated option values.

The options are optional to be used to set the variants.
You can skip the options in case none of your products have variants.
Also, in case all your products with its variants are bulk imported into the system and not added one by one, you may choose to work without options.
If you like the classic way of adding products one by one and creating the options manually, this website allows you to do this.

Using Options into the website offers huge flexibility (easy database sorting of all products and their variants based on any of these options). The downside of the Options is that they need to be added manually into the website, which means that they are time consuming.
The system allows you to have products which have products with Options added in classic way and products without Options. The choice is yours (See Shop Configuration -> Settings & layout -> Global (system wide) area: Way to create product variants (options strict=1, options none = 2, mixed = 3)).

Under Products -> choose Options from left side menu to get to the Products options. Here you will find all your created options for products.

Page areas

  • Top line includes:
    - Name of this area: Products options
    - Add new option button
  • The second line contains the search box at the right. You can search an option by name.
  • Under the searching line is the place where you see listed your options (main page content).

Search data

Enter into the search box what you are looking for and press Enter key or click on green magnifier icon.
The system will look to match your search string in name of the options. It is an autocomplete search box, it means:
- once you start typing will be automatically shown in a drop down all available options
- you can select one of available options and click green button or press Enter key; The selected option only will be shown in listing as search result.
- or you can anytime press Enter key or click on green button and you will get in search results all options that match your search string.

To clear the search, click on white cross in red box (next to search box).

Options listing area (main content)

Into this area you will find listed all options or your search result. If the search is cleared, the first 10 options will be listed here. Under the options listing you have two buttons Show more and Show all to assist you to navigate between your options.

The details displayed on option listing are as following:

  • Option name (it allows sort). One click on Name will sort the options in alphabetical order from A to Z, a second click on same Name will sort the options in alphabetical orders from Z to A.
    By clicking on the Name of the option, you will open the View / edit option window.

  • Order, it is about what option will be shown first, smallest numbers means options will be shown on top of the listing.
    The Order heading allows you to sort your options based on this field. One click on Order will result in ascending sort and a second click on it will sort your options descending.
    This field is editable from listing, for your convenience.

  • Type field shows how the options are displayed in FRONTEND. At this point, is not yet in use.

  • ID# (it allows sort). The ID# is option unique identifier (mainly for debug purposes)

  • Edit icon button, is the area where you can choose to edit a certain option. (See Edit option)

You can sort listings ascending and descending for all fields that has headers in blue with underlined text when mouse over it ("allow sort" notation above)
If you click once will sort ascending, click again and will sort descending.

Show more & Show all buttons

Because by default the options listing is filled with first ten options, you have two buttons at the bottom of the page to help you finding the option you are looking for: the Show more & Show all buttons.

If you click on Show more button, another 10 options are showing. Click this button again for another 10. Repeat as you need.

If you click on Show all button, all options will be shown.

These buttons are not shown if there are less than 10 options to be displayed.

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Products option list

Products option list

If you work with products options, you will find all your option created under Products options list.
To get to Products options list, choose Options under Products in left side menu.