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Delete product

To delete a product you have to edit that product. In every edit product section is the Delete button displayed. The idea is to see exactly which product you delete and to make a good decision in this regard.
You may consider to repurpose the current product instead to delete it.

The Delete button is place at the very bottom of each edit product sections, before the Close button. The Delete is a red colored button and has the following text: Delete product and all its associated details.
This means all details such basic details, description, variants will be deleted (you will delete them permanently), options if applicable, the files and images will be dissociated from product.
The files and images will not be deleted, you will find them in File and images. The options name and values also will be preserved under Option.
The options, the files and images can be used for another product or you can delete them.
Only de-associated items from all products you will be able to delete, as the system in error proof.

The Delete button will delete irreversible current product, but still you get a chance to not procced as a warning box will pop up asking you to confirm you want to delete it.
Click on OK button to delete or Cancel deleting process. The close bottom of the warning box has same function as cancel (the product will not be deleted).

Before deleting any product, you may consider to hide the product for future repurposing by:
- disable the product
- de-assign all categories where current product is displayed (later you can filter the products without category from category selector in product list)
- or placing the product in one category which is disable itself
In case you do not have any similar product to display, you can always delete it. If you repurpose a product, it will not appear as new product because the new product is strict related with the day in which was created.

How to delete product

To delete a product follow the steps:

  1. Under Products -> choose Products from left side menu to get to the Product list. Here you will find all your products.

  2. Find the exact product you need to delete

  3. Edit any section of that product

  4. Click Delete product and all its associated details red bottom at the bottom of edit page

  5. The warning box will pop-up. Confirm that you want to proceed by clicking the OK blue button

  6. The product was deleted. The edit product will close automatically and you will be taken in Product list again. The deleted product will disappear from Product list.

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Snapshots / images

Product listing - edit product

Product listing - edit product

The first product Edit product button drop down showing the product sections. Click on the section you need to edit.

Delete button

Delete button

Delete button is on each sections in edit product.
Delete is the red button on the bottom of each edit product. The text of delete button: Delete product and all its associated details

Delete warning box

Delete warning box

Before deleting permanently a product, you have to confirm that you did not press the delete button by mistake.
Press OK to confirm the deletion.