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Edit product files

Use this area to view/change a product files attached.

When you click on Files menu under edit product, will open the files list attached to the current product.

Page areas

  • Top line includes: Attach new file button (see Attach new file button)
  • The second line contains the search box
  • Next is the place where are listed the current product attachments

Search data

Enter into the search box the file name you are looking for and press Enter key or click on green magnifier icon.
System will look for your search in name of the files attached to current product. It is an autocomplete search box, it means:
- once you click or start typing will be automatically shown in a drop down all available options for your search.
- you can select one of them and click green button or press Enter key, you will get only that variant in listing (search result)
- or you can anytime press Enter key or click on green button and you will get in search results all variants that match your search string.

To clear the search, click on white cross in red box (next to search box).

Files list

In this list will appear only the files attached to current product. It includes information at a glance without opening each file.
The product can contain unlimited number of attachments.
The attachments can be available to any of access levels you create.
An attachment can have multiple access levels.

The documents will appear listed under Resources tab (FRONTEND) and will be visible based on access level set in edit product (BACKEND).
Attachments assigned to consumers are the only files visible when user is not login. For all other access levels, the Resources tab and its content will be visible only to login user with corresponding access level.

  • The thumbnail image (Thumb.) of the file attached to current product if applicable.
    By clicking on the thumbnail, you will edit the file opening the Edit product attachment.

  • The File name of the file attached to current product.
    The File name allows sort. One click on File name will sort the files of current product in alphabetical order from A to Z, a second click on same File name will sort them in alphabetical orders from Z to A.
    By clicking on the file name, you will edit the file opening the Edit product attachment.

  • Available for is the field where is listed access level of each individual file attached to current product.
    In case of multiple access levels for a file, all are listed one under the other.

  • Size is showing the file size in disc and graphic size.
    The Size field is sortable. One click will sort the product files from small to big. Another click on Size will sort the file from big to small.

  • Date is showing the date when the attachment was uploaded on sever.
    The Date filed is sortable. One click will sort the attached files chronological and another click will be revers.

  • Order, it is about what attachment will be shown in top listing in FRONTEND of the website, smallest numbers means the files will be shown on top of the listing.
    The Order heading allows you to sort the attached files based on this field. One click on Order will result in ascending sort and a second click on it will sort the files descending.
    This field is editable from listing, for your convenience.

  • Enabled, refers at attachment status. If an attachment is marked as enabled (Enable - Yes), than current product details (FRONTEND) will display the attachment under the Resources tab for designated users. If an attachment is marked as disabled (Enable - No), that attachment will not be displayed in frontend.
    Enable field heading allows you to sort all enabled / disabled attachments. One click on Enable heading will bring up all attachments enabled. A second click will sort the attachments with the disabled status.

  • pfid#/fid# is a filed with attachment ids and has informational value.

  • Edit icon button (very right). Click on it and you will be taken to edit attachment page.

  • Delete icon button (under edit icon). Click on it if you intend to delete the current attachment.

The ending line contains informative datils: number of record in page and how long takes to load the page.

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Files list

Files list

Any product can have unlimited number of files attached.
The files are opened with the file list attached to current product.