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Edit product

To edit a product you must be in Product list page. Click Products option in left side menu. Choose the product you want to edit from the products listing.

Once you identified the product into Products listing, there are few options to edit a product:

  • Click on either the thumbnail image or the name or the code of the product to open the Basic details section
  • Click the edit button of the product you want to edit. A drop-down menu will open to allow you to choose the section you want to edit.

Once you edit a product, you can navigate between the sections from the top right menu. The active section is dark blue colored to show you where you are.

Edit a product new created

If you want to edit a new product just created, the product was isolated for you in product listing already. See Add new product.

Alternatively, you can open the category where the new product was created from the Category selector. If the list is long you can choose to:

  • Look for disabled product, because the new product is by default disabled
  • Look for products without thumbnail within category

Or, you can simply search after your product name.

Filtering and searching is described on Product list

Edit existing product

To look for an existing product, there are few alternatives:

  • Searching based on product name
  • Searching based on product variant code if applicable. Use code: followed by your code in search
  • Using filters if you know something specific for that product: a category, brand, promotion or status Than you can order them alphabetically within a filter.

Learn how to filter or search for a product in Product list.

Edit button

On the very right of each product in Products listing there is the drop-down edit button which allows you to edit any of the product sections:
- Basic details button will take you to product details section
- Description button will take you to product description section
- Options button will take you to product options section if applicable
- Variants & prices button will take you to product variants & prices section
- Files attached button will take you to product files attached section
- Preview button will show how your product will be seen by internet users. A new browser tab or window will open.

You are able to preview any product does not matter if it is enabled or not, it means you can see how your product is presented even it is disabled - website users cannot see it yet.

Title of the page

Appears in top left corner of the page for all sections in edit products. The title is includes the followings:

  • View / edit product - a clear identification of the page you are in
  • The name of the product edited
  • The id of the product edited - has manly debugging proposes

Navigation menu between the sections of the product edit

Appears in top right of the page for all sections in edit products.

The active section is dark blue colored to show you where you are.

At all times you can preview your changes by clicking the light blue Preview button. A new window will be opened for you with the current product details in FRONTEND. You will see exactly the look of the page as your customers if the page is enable. Also keep in your mind that you see the product as a user with all access level rights (you are login as admin).

Edit Product - Close buttons

There are two close buttons for easy access. Both buttons have same result: they will close the edit product window and you land on the Product list were you can choose another product to edit or create a new product or just leave the products area.

Close buttons position:

  • At the very top right of the window you have a cross (x) button
  • At the very bottom right of the window you have a white Close button

Use the top cross button when your mouse is closed of these position. If your window is long you may need to scroll for the bottom Close button.

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Snapshots / images

Product list no access levels selector

Product list without access levels selector

If you have not created any custom access level the Access level filter will NOT be shown.

Product listing - edit product

Product listing - edit product

The first product Edit product button drop down showing the product sections. Click on the section you need to edit.

Product was added

Product was added

The product is isolated by search and shown in search results. Now edit product and fill in all its details.

Edit details sample

Edit details sample

Edit product open Description section.
Edit product sections: menu on top right