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Rewards points

Use this area to manage the rewards points: alter existing rewards points, create new rewards points, add or delete or disable rewards points.

Under Add-ons -> choose Rewards points from left side menu to get to the Rewards points list. Here you will find all rewards points set.

Page areas

  • Top line includes:
    - Name of this area: Rewards points
    - Create new program button, refers, of course, to rewards points program
  • The second line includes the following selectors to allow you filter the rewards points programs displayed:
    - Status selector
    - search box at the right. You can search a rewards points program by name.
  • Under the filtering and searching line is the place where you see listed your rewards points programs (main page content).

Filter data

To filter data use the second line left side:

  • The All statuses is filtering your rewards points based on their status: enabled or disabled.
    For example, if you wish to see all disabled rewards points programs, select from the drop down menu in Status selector the Disabled option.
    By default, All statuses are displayed.

Search data

Enter into the search box what you are looking for and press Enter key or click on green magnifier icon.
The system will look to match your search string in name of the rewards points program.
The search results will be isolated and shown in listing area.

The search can be used independent or with filters. When the search is used with filter, remember that search will be performed only within the filter. The easiest way to use the search is without filters.

To clear the search, click on white cross in red box (next to search box).

Rewards points listing area (main content)

Into this area you will find listed all rewards points programs based on filters you applied or your search. If no filters applied and search is cleared, all your rewards points programs will be listed here.

There are listed most relevant details of every rewards points programs, so you will be able to quick identify it:

  • The # represents the id of each rewards points program. This field allow sort: you can sort them ascending or descending your programs (from oldest to newest and from newest to oldest).

  • Rewards points program name (it allows sort). One click on Name will sort the programs in alphabetical order from A to Z, a second click on same Name will sort the them in alphabetical orders from Z to A.

  • Enabled, refers to rewards points programs status. If a program is marked as enabled (Enable - Yes), that program will be considered in rewards points computation. If a program is marked as disabled (Enable - No), that program will not be taken in consideration in rewards points computation when a order is submitted.
    You may disable a program in case you did not finished setting it up or it is not applicable for the moment.
    Enable field heading allows you to sort all enabled / disabled programs. One click on Enable heading will bring up all programs enabled. A second click will sort the rewards programs with the disabled ones in front.

  • Order, it is about what rewards points program will be shown in top listing. This order field is important because allows you to control which rewards program to be executed in case you doubled them. The first program will be executed and all doubled ones will be ignored.
    The Order heading allows you to sort your rewards programs based on this field. One click on Order will result in ascending sort and a second click on it will sort your programs descending.

  • Edit icon button is the area where you can choose to edit a certain rewards points program. (See Edit program rewards points)

The blue headings in Rewards points listing will sort all list based on that field.

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Rewards points list

Rewards points list

When you click on Rewards points under Add-ons menu, the rewards points list will be displayed.