Cloud Services:

  • Amazon & Microsoft Azure cloud integrator (transfer your company computers & servers into Amazon or Azure cloud)
  • Setup instances (VPS) in Amazon & Azure : Website / Emails / Apps
  • Transfer local hosted emails to Google Cloud or to Microsoft 365 (Azure cloud). As well transfer accounts between Google cloud and Azure cloud. It includes emails & contacts, storage etc. Accounts optimisation using groups. It meas if you have locally or on Google 10 accounts and only 3 employees then you will buy only 3 accounts, all others will be done for example in Azure via Distribution groups.
  • On demand, we can make migrate you whole LAN to Azure cloud (AD)

IT services - remote:

  • Setup computers (install/reinstall) Operating system, applications (Microsoft, Adobe and all you may need - you must have licenses) - your assistance may is required if hard reboot and local intervention is necessary,
  • Assist with any kind of issue that can be solved in remote, basically all except network and hardware failure.
  • Proactive monitor networks, servers, instances and websites

Publishing Services:

  • Write industry articles for companies and spread the word
  • Input products into the Shopping Network and / or your website (proper description, images, video and the best SEO) Spread the word via social media

Since COVID crises started we successfully provide assistance and help in remote companies in Australia and business owners who travel or are located all over the world. It includes installing OS and applications, network and servers debug and even issues with emails on mobile devices. Time zone is totally not relevant.

Now, most of jobs / activities started to be done in remote. Do not miss this moment and migrate to cloud. On long term this will save money.

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