Make money with less stress now!

Make money with less stress now!

Has to be your online shop refreshed? Do you need an online shop to run in days? Is your online shop stuck in a framework that does not allow multiple levels of price, access levels or multiple warehouses and does not allow bulk prices & stock update?

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OlalaShopping, a new dimension for an eCommerce

For few years now, the internet technologies did reinvent themselves. Tools used to create, maintain and run web applications did reach a certain maturity. Now it is possible to build reliable internet systems that make money, systems that will not be redone again and again every two or three years.
This is the moment we built from scratch an ecommerce system, the OlalalShopping core. We use the newest technology and years of experience in building eCommerce websites for small business and one big reseller / warehouse.

Unleash your potential. OlalaShopping is everything you need to sell online from product presentation to marketing and promotion tools.


OlalaShoping vs Open source shopping cart

Using any open source shopping cart you must agree that SERVICE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND YOU USE IT AT YOUR SOLE RISK

The fact is that being an open source all code is available in clear to anybody and from time to time someone find a way and hack into many websites built with that CMS.

What happen next is simple: developers of that system find about this problem, create and make available a patch (security upgrade) and all who use their system must apply it ASAP. All is perfect except unlucky shop owners who were hacked into. Customer database is already available to others and some transactions may be diverted to other bank accounts.

The worst can happen is that a shop owners will never know if the intruder has created or not a "back door" into the account (on hosting provider) and access your data "legally" anytime he wants. Single way to make sure this is not happening is to ask hosting provider to scan your space or just recreate your account. Both options are quite expansive and time consuming.

OlalaShopping core - your online shop is protected:
- it is behind two firewalls: Amazon cloud (ports level) & VPS (access level rules)
- has encrypted code (even someone will get access, cannot read it)
- all files uploaded are scanned in real time against viruses and malware
- all files, including system updates are scanned against malware & root kits (paid subscription)

OlalaShopping vs Multi-shop platforms

Any multi-shop / cloud shopping cart is in most cases a system that is running for many years and got its maturity.
Having your online shop there you will be happy as long as you stay into system frame.
If you will need extra functionality then you will need to upgrade your subscription (if that functionality is already implemented) or to forget about it.

All multi-shop / cloud ecommerce solutions will charge you based on transitions:
- financial transactions (percent of value orders processed, does not matter what payment gateways you use) - processor time transactions (estimated or real time)

Above charges are on top of a basic subscription that in most cases starts with $$/mo and does standard support.
To have 24x7 real technical support you will need to upgrade your subscription or buy hours of support on demand ($$$ to $$$$).

OlalaShopping core - main features included out of box:
- you can customise / change its appearance layouts in minutes
- import data from any account system via a csv file (just drag and drop it)
- allows virtually unlimited level of prices - make happy any of your re-sellers
- allow virtually unlimited access levels for example military accounts
- our price strategy allows any shop to have a cost effective start and real 24x7 technical support.
Are you looking a functionality which does not exist - we are committed to implement it ASAP

  • OlalaShopping core - Multiple warehouses

    • Products stock can be kept for every warehouse
    • Delivery can be set to consider product availability per warehouse
    • Allow product to be sold "Ex-factory".
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  • OlalaShopping core - Multiple access level

    • Allow to make visible products and / or resources (pdf, images) only to specific users.
    • Necessary if your website has special categories of users like military / gov departments.
    • Can be used if you wish to allow specific re-sellers to be able to buy and re-sell only specific products in specific geo-areas and you sell to end users only products that does not affect your resellers.
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  • OlalaShopping core - Multiple base currencies

    • It is an unique concept - allow to set product price in Suppliers currencies and sell in website currency.
    • It allows you to compute and set very quick selling price and this price NOT be affect by the exchange rate.
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  • OlalaShopping core - Multiple level of prices

    • You can assign to your users (re-sellers) specific prices - there are 6 basic level of prices.
    • It is an unique implementation because system allows virtually unlimited price level (you can negotiate and make happy any re-seller) and allow at the same time price update from MYOB.
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Websites owners knows that a website must be refreshed from time to time because the technology is evolving rapidly these days. Each time you change your website, problems like importing the products, customers and history into the new website will arise.

With OlalaShpping you will get an ecommerce website that is based on newest technology and we will maintain, update and improved it permanently for our customers. The days of wasting money on website development are over.

Real world business proof

As ecommerce owner, you know that working with developers to make it work for your clients is hard and frustrating. OlalaShopping was done based on such experiences and our aim is to make the ecommerce to be as human as possible. Years of experience and lots of code accommodation to real businesses are put together into building OlalaShopping to make it a business problem solver system

Easy, simple and intuitive are the fundamentals for OlalaShopping. The users experience is smooth and your website will work as they will expect to do.

Problem solver

OS incorporate business solutions for business problems such currency variation, sell products without holding stock, multiple warehouses, support and warranties management, bulk updates for prices and stocks, multiple levels of access, multiple levels of prices and so on.

Less calls, more productivity

The support module which comes with OlalaShopping is focused on businesses who find important to automatize parts of their daily activities. Customer support is one of the areas where the productivity is to be increased by shifting calls to support tickets.

Submitting a support ticket has a series of benefits from: each problem is recorded and has a history; easy identify the areas with problems and it can be used to improve the customer support practices; better management of anger in case of an unhappy customer; the employee does not forget about a problem raised and each ticket must have a resolution.

Easy management

The shop administrator has a powerful, simple and robust. From settings, your online shop will be personalized to meet your business needs. For increased flexibility, the overall setting can be overwritten by specifics into product management.

Search engines friendly

OlalaShopping is built search engine friendly and meta tags are staying at your fingers to use them. We went few steps further yet by featuring OS with autocomplete meta tags with the name of the product and offering you in documentation some comprehensive sensitive advises with common sense.


OlalaShopping is suitable for all kinds of businesses from small businesses to multi warehouses and / or multi sites businesses with thousands of products. Your website can operate as normal ecommerce website or as request quote kind of website or combination of the two.


Just now OlalaShopping is available as addon of WordPress CMS. It is NOT a plugin, its database and files have not any relation with WordPress. It is attached to the WordPress to allow those who have an WordPress based website to have a professional and secure shopping cart.

A standalone version is under development and will be available next months.

System is running on our instances (VPS) in Amazon AWS. We can setup by request on client VPS but we guaranty uptime and high availability only on our infrastructure.

Setup fee (one time)
It includes:

  • Customize your website to look and feel as you desire and to fit your business needs.
  • Setting up 5 of your products (we produce content and do SEO).
  • Setup Google and Microsoft accounts (if applicable/you have not) and add your website to Google Master Tools/ Microsoft Tools and Google analytics

Monthly fee (recurring payment from debit, credit card or PayPal)
AU$90 - Amazon cloud, Sydney datacentre
AU$78 - Amazon cloud, Virginia datacentre

    It includes:
  • 500MB space.
    You can have 300 items (records in accounting or product variants) with 2 image ~ 1200px x 1200px per item. It is a good start for an online shop
  • 5GB backup space in Amazon AWS.
    In this space is automatically backup your account (files, emails and database) every day)
    There are kept last 3 backups in a week, and last backup from Sunday (previous week). Even if server is compromised or crashes you will may lose last 24 hours transactions only and your account will be restored in hours or less.
  • Unlimited traffic (common sense rules apply)
  • Technical support by email and skype - business hours AEST - up to 24 hours response time
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Technical support by phone 24x7 is available on demand or prepaid. From our experience you will not need it.