Fact: In last decade media start replacing text

When it is about your company presence on the Internet; website, web application or mobile apps you must think about someone producing graphics and video for you.
When it is about branding you must have beautiful graphics done for you
When it is about marketing and advertising campaigns, the same you need graphic/images and media/video

  • Our team will help with creative ideas, scripts, filming, processing and publishing your videos.
  • We provide photography and audio services for your company. We have our studio and if it does not fits with your needs then we can rent one for you.

OLALA Agency produces original content for your website, social networks and TV advertising. All images are the highest quality and versatile, so you get maximum return on investment.

OLALA Agency video & photography services

Use our video and photography services and the results will be:
  • Innovative and creative presentation of you products or service
  • Leverage of classic marketing techniques
  • Enhance the consumer experience
  • Build the products / services trusting
  • Ultimately influencing buying decisions.

Get ready to gain all above and contact us now to find the solution that best suits you.

Video production

Filming, video processing and video publishing

Audio processing

Voice over recording, audio processing and audio publishing


Photography and photography processing

3D & 2D animation

3D animation and animated GIFs

Where to use media in leveraging your brand:

Web Videos: Commercial, Testimonials, Business presentation, Interview, Demonstrative Video, Media Training.
Audio: Logo Introduction, Background Music, Presentations (Background Music or Voice Over).
Photography: Products Photos, Products Details or Products Demonstrations, Printed advertising (catalogues, brochures, flyers, banners and so on), Online advertising (web banners for social Media and rich media advertising), Restaurant menus and not only.

Contact us now to enhance your marketing campaigns with professional, top quality photos and videos for your products / services.

What we can do for you

Product Photography

We Capture Images that Sell: strong, sharp, stylish photos every time!

will provide you high quality product photography that will sell your products:

  • Pay once for versatile, crisp, product photos you can use in your print advertising or website
  • High-resolution images for brochures, catalogues and signage
  • Low-resolution images for websites (small files sizes), online e-commerce stores and email newsletters
  • All images are supplied ready to use on CD or online, in both high resolution (for printing) and low resolution (for websites and email) jpg file format. Other formats available on request
  • All photography completed in our fully equipped photo studio

The process
To ensure you get images of your products that you love, before we start shooting we establish a clear scope - number of photos, style, angle etc. Learning from you what you like and what you do not like, will help us to complete your photo project with success.

Background removal
In the post-production and editing process, we remove the background so your products can appear on any background you need, resulting in a clean, high-quality look. Products photos on transparent background are available on request.

Image Licenses & Agreements
All images taken are yours to use for any purpose, forever.

Web Video

Engage your web audience, increase online conversion rates & stand out from your competitors by adding video to your website.

Through multimedia presentations the website will provide multi-sensory stimulus to learn and decide the merits of products and services four your customers. Because the internet dominates all forms of media during the purchase process, the online video is one of the most effective tools with its capitalises on a uniquely engage and keep active the audience. Testimonials, announcements, webinars, product demonstrations, commercials are only a small proportion of online video use.

Video processing is our specialty. If you have an old video which need processing such film cuts, video splitting, video subtitling and so on, we do them all.

Our specialists will help you with ideas, scripts, filming, processing and publishing your videos.

Voice Over

A voice that will make a difference!

The voice-over can be applied to a new video produced in our studio or to a pre-existent video which needs to be enhanced with a new voice-over.

The voice-over is read from a script and is spoken by a specialist voice talent. It is pre-recorded and placed over the top of a film or video. It is commonly used in documentaries or products presentation to explain information.

Our specialists will help you with ideas, scripts, voice talent, recording, processing and publishing your videos.

Background Music

Beautiful music warms the environment.

Applying background music to your product presentation will provide multi-sensorial dimension.

Music is great for logos introduction, demonstrative videos, business presentation, commercials, testimonials, media trainings and so on.

Our specialists will help you with audio-video processing and publishing.


Animate your website for more appealing web content!

Animation is a great way to drive the attention to a specific area of the screen. It makes the content more alive and create a contrast between static elements of the page.

We create innovative animations that produce long lasting impact on your audience.


Photography, filming, photography processing and 2D animation
Additional charges will apply if we use others, we employ professionals.

Movie processing, sound processing and 3D animation
Additional charges will apply if we use someone else voice, we employ a professional.

Studio rent:
$50 per hour
Minimum charge: $50 (1 hour) paid in advance.
All after one hour is charged in chunks of 15 minutes.
It includes:
- 3 screens, 2.5m height (green, white & black)
- 4 adjustable day light (LED) of 3,000W total power
- two professional tripods
- three adaptors (cameras and mobile devices)
- one dolly kit (wheels) that can be attached to any tripod.
Optional: Nikon D90 camera is available for rent; $500 deposit and $20/session.

Technical support is available on demand or prepaid $80/hour, chunks of 15 minutes.