Nobody cares about your business

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I am running a business and I am always checking on the internet what people say and what trends are in my business area with the purpose of improving it (this company)
" Nobody care about your business" - its is a headline of an ad placed on FB by an influencer.
It does the job because, I watched all.

The statement presents half of the true.
  • True, because in general people do not care about others except there are deep relations between them (money, feelings etc). This does apply 100% to businesses.
  • False, because anyone who is looking for a provider/supplier is extremely interested if that company/freelancer is able to meet his business requirements. It means he 'cares' about the other part business (care = interested, not 'to take care of' like he does with his own business/family and so on)
What this influencer /speaker is telling in about one hours speech is that as a provider of any kind of services or products, when you try to get clients / customers is extremely important make them to feel that all you do is to make them prosperous.

How you do this (from my experience):
  • Tell and prove that you have a healthy business but do not make him/his business to feel insignificant,
  • Present facts, how you helped other clients
  • Understand very well what he needs, eventually adjust his targets, set milestones / gateways - make the process easy to monitor.

I repeat: keep always focus on what exactly potential client wants to achieve
Well that's the moment when above mentioned speaker tells exactly the opposite of main topic and title of his presentation. Basically you must care for real of someone else business.
Speakers / Influences will not make anybody rich, but they will give good ideas / path to follow. The others (who pay the speaker) must apply these ideas in real world.

Out of scope of this article:
At the end of the day you (as provider/supplier) must do for real what you promised.
Looking from the others side (as someone who is looking for a provider / supplier) problem is more complex "Do I trust or not him?"
AI will help for sure because human nature has a massive diversity but with enough power processing and data to process it has a ratio of predictability of 97%.

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