Have you slow computers and networks or would you like to make sure your data is safe?

Slow computers: old hardware or hard discs, too many services loaded on start-up, obsolete Operating system, free software installed, un-necessary traffic
Slow network: obsolete or partially faulty hardware (switches, modems, routers), too much data sync between computers inside your network and clouds
Make sure your private / business critical data is safe and secure.

We have experience and capabilities to fix all problems above quick and cost effective for you.

My computer is not okay

The most frustrating is to have a new hardware; Apple or Microsoft and wait minutes to start or not able to get back all your application opened when you wake it up.
The same if you have to wait minutes or more to get via cloud services a file that was just update by your employee or co-worker.
And the list can continue with emails (cannot get /sent, cannot setup an account), open applications (some take too long), browse the internet (some browser are too slow) and so on.

My network is slow

It is acceptable and expected to have small sync delay when you work via cloud services but not when you work on your local network; home or business premises.
Problems can be very simple (faulty or obsolete hardware) to very complex when all computers and network devices are okay. In this case traffic must be analysed, if it is legitim then bandwidth must be increased otherwise security rules must be enforced.

Backups / Clouds

Backup is an eternal problem since we start using computers and store our data in electronic format. Most of us store images, movies and business related files on al kind of external storage, keep away from disaster.
Problem is how to keep them updated in such a way do not loose previous versions
In a perfect scenario, paid / businesses oriented cloud services solved this problem but how you can have this implemented into your real world scenario?

Virtual environment

Today's servers and computers are far more powerful that a user needs. At the same time applications are lighter because part of them reside in cloud
What if will use your desktop and even your laptop (Apple or Windows) to be used not only for reading emails, storing files but to run a "MYOB server" in Virtual?
Advantages are huge. On the host, the virtual machine is just a file, you can create a copy and have it in case something go wrong with the running one.

Have your own IT department, 24x7 but pay only when you need.

OLALA Agency provides computers and IT network maintenance and solutions to individuals (home users) and companies in Sydney area since 2008.

  • Clean and improve performance - laptops, desktops and servers: Windows, Apple and Linux
  • Improve network performance; setup, configure and secure routers, firewall and modems (ADSL/NBN)
  • Setup Windows servers, physical machine or in virtual environment - Hyper-V or VMWare (company premises). For example you have one new server and you would like to run on that machine two servers: one for company data and one for development / tests.
  • Monitor and / or secure networks; home or business. We provide top technology routers and firewalls at best price.
  • Move totally or partial your company infrastructure in Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Create and implement backup scenario using local hardware and cloud services: Amazon, Azure and Google

Give us a job and you will have it done at its best. We never fail if something it is technically possible.



All about computers and general fix for IT networks
AU$50 to $80 per hour

Servers, Network and computer security, virtualisation and cloud
from $120 per hour

Monitor, apply OS upgrades and security patches in remote: Linux, Windows servers and Windows computers
$30 / month / device

Minimum charge: 1h paid in advance. After one hour the job is charged in chunks of 15 minutes.
If we are on road more than 15 minutes, trip time is charge at the same rate.
Technical support and consultancy is available by phone, Skype and Face Time 24x7.
Just now we provide onsite support only up to 25KM around Blacktown, NSW.