Website is down too much or is loading slow?

Website is down too much or is loading slow?

Have your own VPS in Amazon cloud - pay setup once and forget about downtime, slow website loading and all problems related with hosting. You will be able to fine tune your hosting costs up or down in minutes, anytime. You will never lose your data even if your system will crash totally (less probably to happen) or is compromised.

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Having your own VPS in Amazon cloud - you are getting serious about your business.

  • Have you websites driven by Apache/MySQL/PHP?
  • Are these websites hosted on one or more hosting providers?
  • Are your websites quite slow even you keep them up to date and from time to time they are down for a few hours or more?
  • You do not mind spending at least US$300/month?

If answers to above questions are "YES" then make the move and have your websites in Amazon, you will forget about frustration and support requests.
Furthermore, you will pay less or the same money for top quality services.

Secure & reliable

Your VPS is behind at least two firewalls: cloud/instance (ports & IP filter) and the VPS one (access lists)
All files are scanned in real time - paid subscription.
Data is daily backed up in Amazon AWS (another space), it is impossible to lose something.

Cost effective

Hosting / VPS providers are selling cloud VPS/hosting bought from one of the big providers: Amazon, Azure, Google or VMWare.
Buying from them you will pay in a way or other his expenses on top of hosting/VPS.

Powerful & Scalable

Any business can have pick seasons or you just want to reduce a bit costs for a period of time.
Your VPS can be scaled up or down in minutes based on your exact load. We can do it for you but no need to be IT literate to do it. We can teach you.

Why Amazon for Apache/PHP/MySQL VPS?

Amazon cloud (EC2 instances) is the single cloud environment that met all the requirements a VPS setup to host websites:

  • Multiple static IPs can be easy attached to the same instance. It is very useful if you will set any of your websites to feed mobile apps, deliver "secure services" via REST or just make your website more secure and setup a "fully verified SSL"
  • Allows emails to be sent out from your VPS vis standard ports and mail servers. It is mandatory if you wish to have email hosting for any of domains set up on this VPS.
  • Does not overwrite configuration / start-up files (does not alter Linux start-up files, changing the FQDN of your machine). This is critical for any VPS that will host one or more public websites / domains.

Microsoft Azure - We can setup a Linux VPS in Microsoft Azure but you will have to use SendGrid to be able to send emails out from any website setup on that machine and you will not be able to setup multiple static IPs to that VPS.
Google cloud - It is not recommended at all to have a "public" VPS (host websites) because it overwrite OS start-up files.
We do not consider VMware cloud because of prohibited price for those who need only a few instances, VMWare is for corporate users.


What we do:

Amazon - EC2 instances & S3 storage

Setup EC2 instance(s)

  • OS: Amazon Linux or centOS or any OS supported by cPanel/VHM
  • Location: North/South America, Asia or Europe
  • Type: Compute optimized (recommended)
  • Choose number of processors & memory
  • Add one or more HDD (EBS) and static IPs (elastic IPs -if applicable)
  • Create and attach security groups.
  • Add one or more HDD (EBS)
  • Add at least one static IP (elastic IPs)

Setup one or more micro instances for DNS servers (if applicable)

Setup bucket, the S3 storage where daily backup will be done


Setup one or more DNS servers (if applicable)

Setup cPanel / VHM

  • add one or more IPs (already attached to instance, see Amazon section)
  • Set it up into DNS cluster (if applicable) or using "fake DNS" - another IP on the same instance
  • Install ClamAV scanner - Antivirus plugin (free)
  • Install ConfigSerever Security & Firewall plugin -csf (free)
  • Install ConfigServrer eXploit Scanner - csx (paid subscription)
  • Create main domain - domain name should be provided or click here to buy
  • Fine tune security of the VPS: servers, software & filesystem

What you get:

Your own secured VPS ready to be loaded with your websites or Web services / application

Comprehensive documentation that will help you to:
- connect into your Amazon account and start/stop, scale up / down your instance (processors, memory, type) - connect to your VHM (manage your domains, update VPS software, manage blocked / allowed IPs) - connect to your VPS via SSH using private/public key

If you do not want to know anything about managing your system we are happy to do all for you for a monthly fee of or based on prepaid support

Moving your website(s) in one or more instances in Amazon cloud, first of all means that you highly consider quality of services you provide to your internet visitors or to your clients.
It does not necessary mean you will save money but does mean that you will get far more for money you will spent.


Onetime fee
Setup your Amazon account and instance (one instance & two static IPs) and cPanel/VHM (cPanel and cxs must be paid in advance) - see above.

Yearly or Monthly fees (paid to providers)
- Amazon from US$300/month (minimum recommended but exactly value is given by instance you have setup)
- cPanel US$200/year
- ConfigServer $US70/year

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Technical support by phone 24x7 is available on demand or prepaid US$120/hour, chunks of 15 minutes.