Your website is not a fancy stuff, it must make money for you in a way or other

  • In 2008 there were around 150,000,000 websites, in 2016 total websites were more than 1,000,000,000
  • Until 2015 Alexa shown in graph top 100,000 websites, now it shows to 1,000,000 websites
  • Around 2010 many businesses were just fine with a small website or with no website at all, now, if you as a business have not a good website then you are "out of the game" from start.
  • Considering the same 2010 (round number), before this year there on social media were only very small entrepreneurs, now, if you have a solid presence there then you can dramatically increase your website (business) visibility. Nowadays social media influencers are real.

If you consider financial side and think how much money are paid using the internet then you may have a rough big picture of what exactly means to be or not to be present there via one or more websites / web applications and how important is that your presence to be as perfect as possible.
Competition is huge. This is the moment when OLALA Agency can help you..


  • Load fast
  • Shown nice and be fully functional on all devices
  • Be very search engine friendly
  • Every page must have a scope / call to action (buy/contact/request quote)

Web applications & Services

  • Load fast - Well designed database
  • Be fully functional on all devices
  • Designed with scalability in mind
  • Being modular and ready anytime to run as service(s)
  • Allow mobile apps to connect to it

Desktop & mobile apps

  • Load fast / designed for a specific operating system
  • Be secure from user and application perspective (if applicable)
  • Able to securely buffer enough data if it acts as an extension / terminal of a web application

Desktop & Mobile Device apps for Web applications

    Why you should have them:
  • Rapid growth in revenue generation
  • Build Brand and Recognition
  • Improve Customer Engagement
  • Stand Out From the Competition
  • Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Web Applications

OLALA Agency develops web applications from very simple to very complex (applications database driven, with scalability in mind and geo redundancy ready.
We develop applications that can run in Linux or Windows environment using Apache/PHP/MySQL or NodeJS/NOSQL database.
All applications are responsive (show beautifully in any browser on any device) and has CMS (Content Management System, it means that you will be able to change the content and layout by yourself).

Designed by OLALA Agency, controlled by you!


  • Website by OLALA Agency

    • Front page - Top.
    • The best "Call to action" spot.
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  • Website by OLALA Agency

    • How easy is that for search engines?
    • The most clean header and code ever, all meta tags are in very top, no messy stylesheets and JavaScript.
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  • Website & Web applications by OLALA Agency

    • Main data area (list)
    • Clean layout, maximum functionality and EASY TO USE (never stress your internet users).
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  • Website & Web applications by OLALA Agency

    • Details area
    • Clean layout, all details someone ever need and cherry on top, may be fully manageable from admin area.
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  • Website by OLALA Agency

    • Footer area.
    • Increase users trust and allow quick navigation - keep them on your website or make them to contact you
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  • Web applications & Apps by OLALA Agency

    • EASY to USE
    • Simplicity, functionality, being stable and secure.
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One time fees
from $800

Jobs under $1,000
- amount must be paid in advance
- includes one hour consultancy
- it does not include project documentation

Project documentation:
- is mandatory for web applications and it cost $1,200
- must be paid in advance.
- Price includes up to 3 hours consultancy. Initial meeting is charged as well.

Technical support by phone 24x7 is available on demand or prepaid $80/hour, chunks of 15 minutes.