OLALA Agency provides IT and Web services to businesses of different sizes and industries since 2008.
Based on years of experience in industry, we work with our customers to find and implement the best solution tailored on their specific circumstances.
We are proactive (technically speaking) and we do have experience to deliver real world proven solutions.

OLALA CMS - Cloud based websites builder platform

OLALA Agency has developed its own CMS, a cloud based system. It is running for many companies in many industries; simple shops, warehouses with distributors all over the world, companies directories, authors directories, tourism, tachograph translator application and more to come.
There are projects under development or in stand becase of COVID crises; API based application for tourism agencies, freight- logistic - global & work place management (time-sheets, JSA, incidents management, docket delivery report and more).
OLALA Agency is actively present on Australian and Romanian markets for years and we have 'ready to go' affiliates program for any company all over the world. (OLALA CMS has support for Asian and Arabian languages)

At this moment (1st of May) accounts for getting an website based on the OLALA CMS core are setup manually and the process take 2 to 24 hours. Product will be on a position to allow people to use it in automated mode, in 6-8 weeks. It will include acquiring domain name.

OLALA Directory - Directories publishing services

OLALA Directory is a website where anyone who pay can publish articles about their hobbies, companies, products or other companies products. In most cases they get paid by the companies who employ them to do this.
With more than 50,000 articles and 11,000 users the OLALA Directory si considered by Google, Bing & Alexa. It has PA >50 and is in 100,000 sites in Alexa ranking system. After the new system will be in place it will go up, guaranteed.

Just now (1st of May) new user application is disabled. On Monday 3rd of May new publishing platform based on OLALA CMS will be released in production. Now is in last stage of testing, last bug fixes: http://olaladirectory.com/

OLALA Shopping Network

This system is still in project phase but not so far to become reality.
Any product published on any of its websites will be shown instantaneously on 4 websites: olalashopping.com, olalashopping.com.au, olalashopping.uk & olalashopping.eu.
It will include another website that target niche items: plants, flowers and all articles related. Website does exist on the web for more than one decade and has high visibility.
More details to come.

Microsoft Partner Network (since 2015) / MYOB Global Developer Network partner(since 2015) / Apple approved developer (since 2012) / Part of Google partner program (since 2013) / • Amazon AWS, Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure integrator. We use both clouds in production since 2015 / McAfee & CheckPoint reseller (security providers)

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