The OLALA CMS is used by a client to have his website running in minutes to hours (like any content management system) but it is actually a cloud based service because it runs only on our instances in cloud. You do not pay hosting, you pay a subscription that includes hosting, traffic and all upgrades. It means you never will worry about revamp the website, on the contrary, it will always look and behave based on last web standards.

You can associate with your website your domain name or you can buy a domain name from us via our website DomainNameBestPrice. Soon you will be able to buy direct from this system and automatically have your domain linked to your website.

What companies runs their websites with us:
  • warehouses with resellers and users that rquire specific level of visibility and prices (military and govt users)
  • normal shops (big and small)
  • events organizer with seats maps generation and real time ticket selling via website and android app (it is in 'sleep mode' because of COVID crises )
  • tourism agencies (it is in 'sleep mode' because of COVID crises but has a version for these bad times)
  • transport companies (tachograph translation - progress / beta)
  • article directories
  • cars dealers
  • can be more....
What companies may run this system
  • freight-logistic - global level (project in stand by)
  • workplace management with time-sheets, incident reports, JSA, Docket Delivery and all necessary documents and reports (to be - project to be transferred from wp and customised for other of shore countries)
What will be included in 4-6 weeks:
  • items to be pushed automatically (if allowed by owner) to SHOPPING NETWORK
  • allow owners to manage multiple shops from the same items database (distribute items to multiple websites from one central point - different prices and access level per per website)
  • fully automate the upgrade system
  • fully automate the process of buying domain or using your existing domain and linking it to your website here
  • will be more... stay tune to find out all

The OLALA CMS allow you to have your presence on the internet very quick and professional (this website is running on it)
Prices start with $30/mo (all upgrades included)
Highly recommended for big websites with resellers (extreme;y good value for money)
System is proven to run with no problems an website with over 50,000 items and 11,000 active users.

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