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Just now you must contact us via contact form. You will have your account setup in a few hours (business).
It is an issue of a 4-5 weeks until the system will be automated.

To get all done properly, you must know exactly what website do you need; shop, blog, tourism agency, events (organiser) and so on.
If it is about a shop make sure you have your products , a catalogue, a bank account where to collect your money, eventually a PayPal account to make collection faster.

When automated system will be in place, there are 3 basic steps:
  1. Signup with us - an account will be created instantaneously for you (you must have a valid email address)
  2. Setup your shop; your name/company name, address, contact details, bank/PayPal details and upload a logo if you have
  3. Input your content/items; name, description, photos and price if applicable
There will be video tutorials.


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